Founded by: Jerry Carrera & Christian Carrera

Founded in: 2007

The Garage Board Shop was founded in 2007 with the mission to build education-based programs geared towards inner-city youth—a place where they could go to get away from all the negative influences, a place to express themselves productively, a place that could be their safe-haven.

From using vintage furniture as an art canvas to using wood pallets as store props/shelves, The Garage Board Shop utilizes all and any materials they can get. The shop uses American wood, to make their skateboards via a local manufacturer, and their designs always come from local talent ranging from young artists and entrepreneurs, and youth in their program.

The never-ending abundance of untapped potential within the youth continually inspires, motivates, and excites The Garage Board Shop to work in Los Angeles’ inner-city. The team is enthusiastic to collaborate on various projects with their young community from hosting food banks, art shows, music events, creating murals, cleaning up the neighborhood, participating in parades, and more. The Garage Board Shop wants to inspire and create a better environment for young Angelenos who share the same drive and motivation to create a better community.

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