About Andy Busc

Founded by: Andy Busc

Andy started drawing a as young boy and hasn’t put down a pencil since. Growing up, he watched a lot of cartoons and was fascinated by all the characters in the shows. He often dreams in a character-driven black and white cartoon world, which heavily influences his work. When he’s not drawing things that he sees in his dreams, he draws things that are inspired by pop culture, the media, his travels and daily surroundings.

Andy is excited to be a creative in LA right now because, “Los Angeles is a city filled with makers, doers, collaborators, and dreamers.” The city’s tireless energy, passion, and dedication inspire him to challenge himself every day as a creative individual. He also loves that creatives in LA aren’t afraid to experiment and try new things and that we all come from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures, which are all things he believes adds authenticity to everyone’s work.

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