Founded by: Nicole Katz

Founded in: 1976

Paper Chase Press is a second-generation, family-run press and bindery that’s set a standard in bespoke printed media since 1976.

The owners, Nicole Katz and her husband, are inspired by the desire of their clients to be more than whatever it is they sell. They are compelled to take a position and make it known, and doing so through printed media is not only effective, it’s exciting for Paper Chase to be a part of such projects. Print is a great unifier. It brings ideas into the physical realm.

Paper Chase Press only uses FSC-Certified, American-made materials and eco-friendly, waterless printing technology. All of their goods have been made in their zero-waste production facility in Hollywood, where they’ve been located since 1986. Their years of experience, quality of craftsmanship, and integrity in their projects is what has always driven them to be a preeminent resource for printed matter.

Nicole Katz believes, “being a manufacturer in Los Angeles is important to us, now more than ever. We live in a state that’s approaching a $15 minimum wage, that has some of the most stringent environmental and labor laws in the country, and that supports a huge immigrant population (my family included!). These are values we care about, and that we live by. Paper Chase Press is excited to create in LA because the creative community here is so vast. Every industry is represented in full force in this city.”

Original Products from PAPER CHASE PRESS

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