Dear Seller: Real Estate Love Letters from Los Angeles


Dear Seller is a collection of heartwarming true stories of Angelenos from different walks of life—from a former Green Beret and a social worker to a New York Times best-selling author—searching for the home of their dreams. Acclaimed L.A. writer D. J. Waldie pens the book’s foreword with a moving reflection on home and “the allure and discontents” of the city.

At the center of each tale is the prospective buyer’s personal offer letter, accompanied by his or her account of the courtship that ensued after first laying eyes on “the one.” These letters paint portraits of the homeseekers: their families, backgrounds, and values, as they couple social capital with financial capital to be selected by the seller. We learn of their life circumstances, their professions and hobbies, hopes and dreams, fears and insecurities. The accompanying stories also reveal poignant details about the sellers: the children they raised, loved ones they lost, and legacies left behind. When facets of the buyers’ and sellers’ lives intersect and coincide, dreams are realized and new life chapters begin.

  • Featuring 25 letters and more than 100 color photos
  • More than 30 contributors
  • Foreword by D. J. Waldie
  • 8 x 10 | 156 pages |  softcover with French flaps
  • ISBN: 978-0-9991670-1-4
  • Printed in Los Angeles by Nonstop Printing


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