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Pilar Castillo

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About Castlepillar Designs

Castlepillar Design studio was created in 2018 by Pilar Castillo with the completion of her MFA from Otis College of Art and Design. Her work ranges from graphic design, traditional to digital illustration, publication and textile design for print in a variety of mediums. Currently her work investigates the role of ‘tropical romanticism’ in Caribbean identity and representation, both homegrown and through the lens of the tourism industry.

As a Belizean-American in Los Angeles, Castillo feels she can proudly represent her roots as part of the cultural fabric of LA since the city is known for diversity and dreaming big. She feels it is an honor to be featured among the incredible talent that make up the creative entrepreneurs for LA Original and LA Original is honored to feature her fresh style and work.

The landscape of Castillo’s childhood informs her vibrant aesthetic, drives her efficiency to activate design strategies with a resourcefulness and determination to let nothing go to waste, and motivates her to work beyond the limits of materials and access. Her approach to design is concept-driven and research-based with a balance for both technical and experimental outcomes.

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