Founded by: Lavena Lewis

Founded in: 2017

Vena Vena Handcrafted was created in 2017 by Lavena Lewis
The business was launched in downtown LA. The inspiration to create a handbag & small accessories business came out of Lewis’ love of sewing. Her inspiration is her daughter who loves handbags too.

Living in LA inspires Lewis to try new things and make new bags that are a reflection of her creativity. It’s like reinventing herself.
It’s energizing being a handbag designer.

LA has so many places that Lewis draws inspiration from like the beach and rolling hills. Nature is where she get most of her ideas to create it reflected in the leather textures that she uses. Lewis uses different kinds of leather and canvas all locally sourced from family owned businesses. She designs and handmakes each piece with minimalist details.

Original Products from VENA VENA HANDBAGS

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