Founded by: Sashee Chandran

Founded in: 2015

Tea Drops launched in 2015 by Sashee Chandran. After being an avid tea lover, she realized while working in a corporate office that it is really difficult to make loose leaf tea on-the-go. You need an arsenal of equipment including a kettle, the tea leaves, plus a strainer and then you have to wait 3-7 minutes for your tea to brew. She rarely had time for that and thought there had to be an easier way that didn’t sacrifice the integrity of loose leaf tea. And thus, Tea Drops was born.

Sashee looked at a lot of different color palettes, eras, and public figures for inspiration in Tea Drops’ branding, and you’ll notice their branding incorporates the vibrant cityscapes and coastal landscapes of Los Angeles. From their package design to the manufacturing, Tea Drops works with Los Angeles based artists and co-packers to bring their product to life. Their package design is a reflection of the diverse tapestry of Los Angeles — from bright, bold colors, to their whimsical icons. Tea Drops has enabled Sashee and her team to reconnect to the sights, people, and culture of this vibrant city.

Los Angeles has played a big role in Sashee’s journey–from being where she was born to where Tea Drops is manufactured, to where her headquarters are. From the coastal beaches to the rooftop bars of DTLA, Sashee finds the City of Angels is whimsical, inspirational, and colorful. It is truly a town for dreamers, and that’s why she creates here.

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