Founded by: Pauline Wolstencroft

Founded in: 2014

Originally trained as a painter, Pauline Wolstencroft creates hand-formed ceramic pieces which she decorates using a combination of underglazes, stains, and glazes. Her business began in 2014 when someone asked her if she wanted to try selling her ceramics at a craft fair benefiting her children’s school. Until then, it had been a relatively new hobby of hers. She pushed herself to make a bunch of work for the sale not expecting to sell that much but wanted to be prepared. She ended up selling out at the fair and getting her first wholesale client (Individual Medley).

Pauline finds inspiration in the landscapes she comes across in Los Angeles and around California. She creates everything in her in-home studio in Highland Park. She first sketches out ideas on paper. Then, she creates the clay pieces, fires them once, sketches the design onto the fired piece, paints it, coats it with a clear glaze, and fires the piece a second time.

Pauline is originally from the east coast but has lived in Los Angeles for almost 15 years. She enjoys creating in LA because there’s a strong community of supportive creatives in L.A. There’s also such a diverse field of stores, galleries, pop-ups, fairs, etc. There’s really something for everyone. She loves that she’s now being identified as an “original” from a city she’s grown to love and call home.

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