Founded by: Esther Jeong

Founded in: 2019

Esther Jeong is a ceramicist who primarily focuses on functional forms. Her fascination with clay started at an early age — it was the medium that set her on a path to reconnect with and rediscover her Korean heritage. In LA’s Chinatown, she creates intentional forms designed to bring a touch of beauty to the everyday moments. She established Esther Jeong Ceramics in 2019, and her work is a study and reflection of traditional pottery methods, reinterpreted to create forms for the lifestyles of the present.

According to Esther, LA is the place where you can make your creative visions come to life. She is inspired by LA’s food and beverage culture and the collaborative spirit within the beautifully diverse creative community.

Currently, she is experimenting with different clay bodies, different colorants and preparing for her next launch.

Original Products from ESTHER JEONG

  • Made by: Esther Jeong