About CLARE V.

Founded by: Clare Vivier

Clare Vivier decided to create her own line of handbags and accessories after noticing a lack of functional yet stylish laptop cases while she working as a journalist for French TV. Over time, Clare’s been able to cultivate an identifiable aesthetic that’s all her own and has been recognized worldwide by influencers, tastemakers, celebrities and bloggers, who support and wear the line, along with being featured in the LA Times and Vanity Fair.

Clare’s strong connection to France, where she spends a significant amount of time each year with her French husband and son, remains at the core of the brand, with signature elements visible within every collection.

While her brand reflects elements of France, LA is Clare’s community and she’s so pleased to produce her collection here with skilled factory workers. LA continues to inspire her to work locally – as she experiences some of the most creatively stimulating moments at the local factories. “We are living in such a burst of creativity here in LA – design, fashion, art, jewelry, all of it – some of the most influential makers and doers are here right now building cutting edge businesses within this enormous and beautiful city. It makes perfect sense for the City to be working with the artistic players to create work that specifically celebrates this wonderful place,” says Clare.

Clare travels the world significantly, and she draws creative inspiration from a mixture of these travels and her everyday life in beautiful LA when designing a collection.

Original Products from CLARE V.

  • Made by: Clare V.