Founded by: Caitlin Crosby

Founded in: 2008

The Giving Keys is a social impact company working to end homelessness through employment. Before The Giving Keys was officially founded, actress and singer Caitlin Crosby began selling keys engraved with inspirational words at her concerts. As the keys grew in popularity, Crosby realized she could create a standalone business and in 2008, The Giving Keys was born.

The Giving Keys’ collection of jewelry and accessories is designed to inspire you to be your best, most authentic self through a core collection of keys with hand-stamped inspiring words and on-trend fashion pieces that serve as daily reminders of who you are becoming. Keys are sourced from around the world, with many of our vintage keys traveling through significant periods in history. Their fashion pieces feature materials including plated gold, precious stones and glass beads, among other unique statement elements. Signature to many of their designs is a hand-stamped key featuring one of their core words or a custom word chosen by the individual and inspiring special meaning. In addition to words, The Giving Keys creates initial necklaces, and can engrave symbols including religious symbols, hearts, a semicolon and Greek letters.

To The Giving Keys, Los Angeles is such a vibrant city with so many sources of inspiration, and they believe it’s truly a dream to create in this city. Additionally, they love that LA has an incredibly strong workforce.

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