Founded by: Jon Haber, Co-Founder

Founded in: 2013

We spent our whole career working for large multinational public companies. It was an invaluable training ground, but we began to see the changes in the world of advertising, content, experiences, technology and media as a massive opportunity for a new kind of company. In 2013, we walked out of the safety of our steady corporate jobs and built a company for the future of the way people consume content, entertainment, and brands. As a new small nimble agency, we could let go of legacy and embrace what’s next.

LA has a gravity to it. Something that we aren’t always aware of consciously but it pulls in people from all over the world, from every imaginable background, who want to create things. For us, those people are strategic minds and artful content creators. Whether they are drawn here or born here, there is no shortage of perspective and diverse experience. Our business is built on bringing that energy to brands large and small all over the country.

Creativity is as much about originality as it is about sampling. LA is a city that samples food, cultures, content, and style. Having access to such broad inspiration keeps us excited about the potential of our work. Featuring the people who are the ones that are the foundation of in the city reminds us of who we want to be at our best. Creators that pomake things that mean something, that touch people, that are human. It goes beyond the Hollywood of it all but it is all part of one energy that this city brings out.

We like to say that every Spoon’s own strange and personal journey brought them here. We’ve hired playwrights, politicos, gamers, and gourmands. And they’re all what make our work so good. They breathe their interests into the work. Our team creates in many different formats; experiences, podcasts, film, social content, partnerships, new technologies, virtual and augmented reality and more. We develop strategies and ideas in house, We craft the stories we want to tell and in many formats. For certain types of content we will produce with our in house resources here in LA. For more complex productions, we work with a network of partners who specialize in many different mediums. Which is another huge benefit of being connected to the LA creative community. There are so many production companies and talented people who can partner with us to create anything we dream up.

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