Founded by: Chris Jordan

Founded in: 2016

Coffee Manufactory started as a very small team with over two decades of green coffee supply chain experience in 2016. Coffee Manufactory was born from Tartine’s commitment towards sustainable sourcing and quality products. Joining with their friends at Tartine Bakery, they began by roasting two blends for them: our 01 Espresso and 02 Filter. Together they are working to create a new paradigm for the specialty coffee roasting industry. One where exceptional coffees are developed through extraordinary relationships. Where their buying practices are based on partnerships and collaborations and not traditional vendor relationships.

So much of Coffee Manufactory’s design inspiration comes from old vinyl record covers collected over the years by our founder Chris Jordan. That mixed with inspiration from  old coffee printed bags and packaging they find around our farm partners and coffee shops in rural areas. With their final coffee packaging – they focused on recyclable and biodegradable materials. They are focused on sustainability at the producer level, but also on their impact. They make sure their coffee to go cups are compostable and their packaging is as well.

Los Angeles is such a dynamic city. Their roaster is downtown at The Row – in a beautiful converted old warehouse building. They are surrounded by other friends and makers who are as focused on their crafts as they are on theirs. They love that there is also such a unique coffee community in L.A. that has been pretty incredible to collaborate with. That and the fact that it’s usually sunny makes being in L.A particularly nice – especially to sit outside and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

Original Products from COFFEE MANUFACTORY

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