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Grant Delgatty

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About URB-E

Based in Pasadena, California, and first developed in 2013, URB-E’s mission is to solve the pain points of urban living by designing and engineering lightweight foldable electric vehicles and mobile power sources.

The idea for URB-E came from CCO and Co-Founder, Grant Delgatty, who noticed a growing trend worldwide of people taking transportation to get into city centers, but needing a last-mile vehicle solution.

Using structural components made out of high-strength aluminum alloys and carbon fiber, URB-E leverages California’s hi-tech aerospace technologies and design principles from the automotive world to innovate their products with unparalleled quality.

URB-E describes Los Angeles as “one of the most creative places on Earth.” Everyday the URB-E team is inspired to innovate, think differently and find new solutions to the urban pain points that plague so many cities around the world. In addition, LA’s incredible number of creative projects and people continue to drive the Urb-E team and the products they’re developing.

Original Products from URB-E