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About Sprinkles

Sprinkles opened the world’s first cupcake bakery on April 13, 2005 and inspired hundreds of cupcake bakeries to open around the world.

Founded by Candace Nelson (judge on Food Network’s hit show “Cupcake Wars”) and husband Charles, Sprinkles has inspired long lines of devoted serious epicureans and celebrities alike.

After the dot com bust, Candace left her job in banking to pursue her passion for baking.  She enrolled in pastry school and upon graduating, began a custom cake business out of her house.  She soon came to realize that special occasion cakes are reserved for special occasions.  Raised in the tradition that dessert should be a daily indulgence, she began to focus on cupcakes… and so the idea for Sprinkles was born!

All Sprinkles Cupcakes are baked fresh daily on site at their Los Angeles bakeries.  Cupcakes are baked in small batches with care and craft. Sprinkles uses fresh produce, creamy butter and chocolate from France.  

“Los Angeles is filled with creativity and is often a trendsetter for other parts of the country.  But what makes LA so unique is how accepting it is of new ideas.  What seemed like a wacky idea (a cupcake bakery) was embraced by the city and its residents who were open minded and adventurous enough to explore the world of cupcakes,” said Candace Nelson.

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