Sisters of Los Angeles

Sisters of Los Angeles

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Sara Stein

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About Sisters of Los Angeles

Sisters of Los Angeles (SOLA) was founded in the fall of 2012 with a capsule collection of Los Angeles gifts inspired by our beaches, canyons and freeways. The business was born out of a desire to find gifts celebrating the city that founder Sara Stein loves: LA. Most of what she had seen in the market place was Hollywood related or uninspiring throw away mugs and shot glasses with stars. Los Angeles is so much more than that to that Sara.

She finds creative inspiration in the things that we find unique in our diverse city and neighborhoods. She loves working with glass and the layers of transparencies of organic inks. Many times the very words that we use to talk about our city become the source of inspiration for SOLA. Sara feels fortunate to have her office and warehouse situated in Sun Valley near her home in Silverlake where she make so many of her favorite LA designs. Designing and producing locally enables SOLA to experiment with ideas in real time!

“Los Angeles has become a center for all things design. It is the creative hub for architecture, fashion, art, music, food and culture. It is a city where you can not only create but be recreated. Anything is possible here,” says Sara.

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