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Plume & Pulp

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Olivia Sanchez

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About Plume & Pulp

Established in 2017, Plume and Pulp was created out of founder Olivia Sanchez’s urge to express herself creatively while having fun, and foster her childhood desire to always be making and creating. Sanchez’s work incorporates watercolor with calligraphy, and simple illustrations. And it’s all 100% hand-made by her.

Sanchez was raised in LA, and is a public-school teacher for Los Angeles Unified School District by day. Olivia loves creating here, and she believes there is no better way to represent the city you love than to make art for it. Olivia said, “It feels like this is my love letter to L.A.”  Sanchez is honored to be a part of LA Original and noted it’s another great way in which her brand is growing with purpose.

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