Founded by:

Jeff Pink

About ORLY

Creators of the Original French Manicure® and other timeless nail looks, ORLY has been in the nail care industry for 42 years. From product development to manufacturing, everything Orly happens in Los Angeles.  

At ORLY, the design process begins with trend and market research. The team starts by forecasting what their customers will be looking for in upcoming seasons. Then, they start developing each of their formulas in-house with their chemists and product development team.  Testing is done in their in-house spa, and they only ever test on family and friends…never on animals. Once a new product passes the test, it goes into production, gets bottled and shipped to salons across the country and over 80 countries worldwide.    

The people, places, and heartbeat of Los angeles continues to inspire ORLY to create in LA.

Original Products from ORLY