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Immaginaire Press

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Sharon Blair

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About Immaginaire Press

Immaginare Press is a local Los Angeles boutique publisher that was founded by Sharon Blair in 2014. Immaginare Press loves inspiring people with their LA product, featuring photography in their books, journals, postcards and notecards that show the beauty of our city. As their vision continues to expand, they have created a charming stationery line, which often complements our books and the city of LA.

The design experience is one of Immaginare Press’s favorite steps in the production process.  The team does all their brainstorming in LA, often in Sharon’s home. They love to print locally and use recycled materials whenever they can.  

Sharon was born and raised in Los Angeles and has always been fascinated by its diversity, openness and beauty. She is always so delighted with the positive response they receive from locals and tourists. Sharon is proud to be a part of LA Original because it’s a great way to give back to local LA-based non-profits.

Original Products from Immaginaire Press

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