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Cisco Home

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Cisco Pinedo

About Cisco Home

Cisco Home founder Cisco Pinedo was born in a rural village in Jalisco, Mexico, an area devoid of electricity and public transportation and had zero exposure to the modern urban world until he was 13, when he and his family moved to Los Angeles. Cisco wholly credits his atypical childhood with his success as a designer, asserting that his experience growing up in a primitive, unspoiled environment spurred his passion for nature, which in turn sparked his desire to craft creations that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable.

His prolific career began in a small reupholstery shop where he worked part-time as a teen in South Central Los Angeles. In his early twenties, he began making custom furniture for neighbors out of his garage. As his business began to grow, he and his wife, Alba, recruited their family members to help. Transforming his garage shop into a full-scale operation, he launched Cisco Brothers in 1990.

Cisco’s design inspiration comes from natural materials and also by objects that have been exposed to nature. His team is a mix of people who are inspired to be makers, craftsmen and designers, with one common vision—to create products that improve quality of life using methods that have minimal impact on the environment and have the pride to be made in LA!

As an Angeleno, Cisco has always been inspired by all of the different cultures in Los Angeles. He believes everyone brings something to the table that is so different and that is what creates such a big explosion in creativity that we all benefit from.

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